HR Consulting

Kestrel provides innovative management and human resource services necessary for employers to fully meet core business goals. Our services measure success in the critical areas of communication, productivity, internal and external customer satisfaction, and compliance.

Employee Policies and Handbooks

Kestrel will review an existing handbook or develop a new one that provides your company with a concise communication tool that summarizes the following that are applicable to your organization:

  • State and Federal employment related policies
  • General guidance concerning work related behavior
  • Rules and regulations
  • Salary and benefit information

Job Descriptions with Linked Performance Systems

Performance based job descriptions provide employees with a clear picture of what their job functions are and how they directly link to the total success of the company. This type of focus not only results in overall organizational improvement, but the risks involved in hiring, promoting, and other human resource functions will be lowered.

Our performance appraisal process ensures employees have a clear understanding of what is expected from them, as well as help them address their strengths and weaknesses. We can assist you in either maximizing existing performance appraisal programs or developing new processes.

Compensation Analysis and Design

Many aspects of the traditional compensation programs are not keeping pace with the ever-changing business environment. This service will provide a snapshot of the competitive nature of the base pay program to guide future pay decisions with consistency.

The resulting documents of our process provide the foundation that will enable organizations to implement a strong accountable performance management program to move employees through pay ranges based on performance.

Strategic Planning

The key to strategic planning is to understand the life cycle, culture, and how the organization operates. At Kestrel we proceed in an orderly fashion to develop strategic business objectives that will guide the organization.

Our strategic planning includes a review or creation of the mission and vision statements and an examination of where the company would like to be over the next three to five years. Additionally, objectives are compiled to outline the responsibilities, time frames, action plans, and desired outcomes.

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